Dometic Portable Solar Panel 120W

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    Some of the best places to visit in the world are isolated destinations, as they offer you spectacular views that are often unspoilt.

    Despite offering beautiful views, places like these also come with the lack of power source. However, don't let this stop you from going on your next outback adventure. There are plenty of portable power options out in the market that will allow you to explore every corner of the world, this is how we help you on your journey and this is our mission.

    Take these solar panels anywhere with the ability to fold up and fit into a compact and light weight carry bag. You can set it up anywhere in direct sunlight to receive power, using the adjustable legs.

    The high performance 120 W solar panels have inbuilt 10 A heavy duty voltage regulator.



    • Fold up easily and is compact

    • Battery temperature sensor

    • Adjustable feet for optimum angle to the sun

    • 12 V, 10 A heavy duty regulator

    • High performance monocrystalline silicon 6.63 A output

    • 5m lead with alligator clips anderson plug connector

    • Light weight at only 12.25 kg with cables and protective carry bag included