Narva 48 LED Rear Direction Indicator and Stop/Tail Lamp

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    Model 48 L.E.D lamps, commonly referred to as "Jumbos" are arguably the most popular rear combination lamp design in Australasia. The Narva version features multi-voltage circuitry for 12 or 24 volt operation and utilises the very latest in high output L.E.D technology to provide an intense light spread over a larger area. Available in slimline single, twin or triple housings, the lamps are hard-wired and can be configured in any combination. The lamp can be surface mounted independently with a gasket resulting in a finished height of only 27mm.

    • Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens

    • 0.5m hard wired cable

    • In-built retro reflector Black housing and security caps


    Input Voltage Range: 9-33 Volt
    Current Draw: Indicator: 0.42A, Stop/Tail: 0.22/0.02A
    LP Rating: IP66 and IP68
    Size: 400 x 131mm
    Candela Rating: 63
    ADR: 6/00 2a-E9-01.1938, 47/00 1B-E9-02.1535, 49/00 R1-S1-E9-02.6594

    Product Comprises of
    1. 94800 1 x 9-33V L.E.D rear indicator lamp with gasket
    2. 94808 1 x 9-33V L.E.D rear stop/tail lamp with gasket
    3. 94893 1 x twin black housing