Winsig White 5G Antenna Retrofit 4.0

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    The WINSIG 4.0 retrofit is an omni-directional dual-polarised antenna which receives UHF/VHF terrestrial television transmissions in both the vertical and horizontal planes. The WINSIG 4.0 represents an all new design, using smart technology to set the benchmark for digital signal strength and quality.  This variant has been specifically designed to replace existing Winegard and Antennatek units, using the existing mounting hardware and wiring. A mounting kit can purchased separately if required.

    This new antenna is significantly smaller than its competitors meaning roof space is kept to a minimum, to allow clearance to air conditioners, solar panels, roof hatches….etc. In addition, the included compact 5G broadband antenna provides enhanced mobile phone reception capability across the entire 3G/4G/5G frequency band.

    The in-built electronic signal booster provides 24—32dB of additional gain to the already impressive signal capability, making this antenna perfect for use in remote areas.  The omni-directional signal reception means that this antenna does not need to be oriented toward the nearest transmission source in order to receive TV signals, and so it may be used for campers, caravans, boats and motorhomes alike.


    Technical Specifications

    • Polarity – vertical and horizontal

    • Frequency band – VHF and UHF

    • In-built booster 24-32 dB gain

    • LTE band pass filtering built in

    • Material – Polycarbonate plastic and stainless steel

    • Dimensions: 890mm(H)x320mm(W)x76mm(T)

    • Weight: 700g

    Included in the Box

    • WINSIG 4.0 Retrofit Antenna including our built in high gain electronic signal booster with LTE filtering.

    • 500mm Mounting mast (Winegard and Antennatek compatible)

    • Mounting hardware

    • Bump stop

    • 1.5 metre TV (PAL) cable

    • Installation instructions