25mm 1″ Type C Female Nyglass Camlock


This Camlock pump accessory pack contains one female camlock with hose tail.

The Camlock design is an outstanding product used across many applications, for making secure and leak proof hose and pipe connections, these connectors make it quick and easy to undertake a hose or pipe change, improving efficiency and minimising leakage and waste due to easy of operation.

Perfect for irrigation applications, durable against weather as the fiberglass reinforced nylon (Nyglass) is also UV treated for Australian conditions , along with 145 psi burst pressure, these products are the ultimate hose connection solution.

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Material: Nyglass
Outlet Connection: 25mm (1″)
Maximum Pressure (kPa): 1000
Corrosion Resistant (Yes/No): Yes
Recommended Use: Female camlock for connecting hose to a male camlock
Inlet Connection: 25mm (1″)
Housing Material: Nyglass
  • Female camlock 25mm (1″)
  • Maximum pressure – 145psi (10bar)
  • Hose tail 25mm (1″)
  • Lockable
  • Easy assembly

**Colours Vary – Colour in Picture Not Guaranteed**

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 8 cm


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