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The ADCO Caravan Covers come with three years warranty to provide a more durable alternative. With a four layer Dupont Tyvek top panel it is far more durable than similar covers in this price bracket. The top material also is wide enough to go beyond the top and over the edge where most wear occurs. These covers are imported by Coast to Coast.

What size? Measure the total length of the outside of the Caravan, at its longest point, but exclude rear bumper or rear mounted spare wheel. Roof top air conditioner makes no difference as the walls can be pulled down to suit. The front is sloped as per normal modern caravans, so alternate shapes may not fit correctly.

These should be kept snug on the caravan to prevent billowing in the wind and constant rubbing on corners which will otherwise wear a hole in the Fabric.

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Designed for high sun exposure, high moisture, snow and/or long term storage.
Pop-Top & Caravan Covers feature zipper entry panels for access during storage
Four layer Dupont Tyvek RV top panel beads water on contact
High performance polypropylene side panels
Completely breathable
Superior U.V stability effectively blocks 99.8% of suns damaging UV rays that can fade interior and exterior surfaces
Front & rear cinching system for loose fabric
Extra reinforcements on top and bottom of all 4 corners helps against sharp edges and reduces wear
Attached straps and buckles prevent flapping
Storage bag included
Air vents prevent mould and mildew
***Note:Images show wheel covers and gas bottle covers that are NOT included.
1 year warranty.


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Weight 10.21 kg
Dimensions 35 × 61 × 26 cm


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