Milenco Aero 4 XXL Wide Convex Towing Mirrors (Teardrop Shape)


This is the best selling towing mirror in the world. It has been designed to offer superior vision and a vibration free view far past your caravan. The mirror head design (Registered Design) utilises airflow around your car to stabilise and balance the mirror head at speed.

This mirror has been extensively tested at speeds up to 250kph (155 mph), to ensure that you get the best vision possible. This design also offers superior performance in high winds and the effect of passing large commercial vehicles has been minimised.

**Remember, when you are towing your caravan or any other trailer that is wider then the narrowest part of the rear of your vehicle, it is a legal requirement that you fit additional towing mirrors. If you are towing blind, without towing mirrors, or using illegal towing mirrors you can be prosecuted by the police**

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  • Stainless steel clamping screws
  • Fits all cars – tried and tested and will fit all vehicles* (*at the time of writing – 18/04/2016)
  • Ideal for 4WD’s
  • Brass inserts that never corrode
  • Chrome safety glass
  • Highly Stable
  • Large Mirror head
  • Convex Glass (although appears flat at first glance)
  • 1 year warranty

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 45 × 17 × 17 cm


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