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Uniden’s AT380 is a 3dBi heat shrink black ground independent highly flexible whip. The 3dBi whip was engineered and designed to suit high and hilly terrains as well as city environments. With its durable design and incredible flexibility, this whip can suit heavy usage including personal vehicles, acrigcultral vehicles and construction equipment.

This rugged UHF CB antenna excels in high quality communication across most environments being ground independent, removable with 4.5 metre low loss coax cable. Including the spring and base, this antennas length is 335mm.

UHF CB Radios are used by everybody from truck drivers, 4×4 enthusiasts and boat owners to Police, Highway Patrol, Fire Services and the military. UHF CB Radios are an essential reliable communication tool. All these users need to know that their radios are fully functional and reliable. They need to know that, in the event of an emergency, their lines of communication remain open. For that reason, when looking to buy a CB radio for the first time, you should always buy a trusted, reputable brand. Similarly, when new radio communication technology that delivers improved performance is introduced, it makes good sense to upgrade.

Uniden offer a vast range of UHF CB communication devices including in vehicle and handheld radios, antennas and accessories which are built for Australian and New Zealand conditions. Uniden is the world’s largest manufacturer and global leader of wireless communication products and was the first company to introduce an 80 channel UHF CB Radio into Australia. They are committed to producing high quality products which offer longevity and durability. All products are designed with high standards whilst continuing to strive for innovative ideas and excellence.

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– 3dBi antenna with black heat shrink
– Highly flexible rubber
– Ground independent whip
– 335mm length including spring and base

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