Suburban 240V Element - Suits SW6DEA / SW5EA / SW4DEA Water Heaters

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    Suburban 240V Element 1440W, 6amp, will suit SW6DEA, SW5EA & SW4DEA models

    New style element replaces original element


    he word 'UP' is shown on the element in 2 places as marked on the white plastic part of the element.

    When the element is installed, it is recommended that this word up is in the UP direction where possible, the reason for this there is less surface area on the horizontal plane at this point and this will minimize the amount of "scale" that can attach to this element.

    This previously was an issue when the unit was slightly older it would hum/buzz and can be very noisy at night when trying to sleep.

    Also with this new design, being that the element is longer in total, this also will lower the noise when in operation due to the heat being more evenly dissipated, though still has the same heat output. (should eliminate the noise noted similar to a noise a kettle makes when heating).