Anti Flap Kit (Black) - Short 2100-2200mm - ATRV

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    The original and the best Aussie Traveller awning Anti-Flap Kit (AFK) prevents wind flap and offers you a waterproof method to attach walls to your awning. The AFK has been designed to suit most brands of roll-out awnings. Includes a track to easily install a Fly awning to cover your outdoor kitchen. Easy to install, perfectly designed.

    Available in White and Black, and to suit most awning size projections, the Aussie Traveller AFK range is perfect for protecting your awning whilst having the added feature of the smart design sail track to attach Aussie Traveller Standard, Custom, Euro Walls, or any walls for that matter.

    The Anti-Flap Kit (AFK) breaks down to 4 individual sections (2 pieces per end) which when joined together, form a full-length clamp. This full-length clamp holds to the awning fabrics' outside edge and helps prevent wind flap. It also includes a sail track to accept walls and includes fitting brackets.

    Anti-Flap Kit Sizing:

    • Small: 2100 - 2200mm

    • Medium: 2200 - 2300mm

    • Large: 2300 - 2400mm
      *For awnings with projections greater than 2400mm, extension brackets are available.

    Measure the awning extension from the wall of the van to the roller tube. This will determine the correct length anti flap kit required.
    Please refer to the image, this shows you where to measure and match to above sizing. Reminder to ensure awning is fully rolled out and open as normal.


    • Comes with wall mount brackets