Camec LED White Grab Handle Light

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Grab handle comes with a 12V LED light. To operate press switch to turn the Blue night light on.

Press switch again to activate main white LED (this will also activate any inbuilt step light you may have)

Press switch again to turn both lights off.

Optional - Press & hold the switch when the blue night light is on to turn it off without turning on the main White Light.



Stylish ergonomic handle design for easy grip.
Salt water and UV protected.
Convenient 42 LED Cool White Illumination light.
Soft Blue Night Light.
Glow in the dark switch cover for easy location of the handle at night.
Model: 041480 CAMEC
Brand: Camec
12V DC Operation
Wattage rating: 3.5W
Wiring Colours: Red (+) 12V, Black (-) 12V, White Switched (-) 12V for Step Light output.
Screw holes are 127mm x 140mm apart
Shipping Weight: 690 grams.
Shipping Dimensions: 26 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm.