CAMEC 14-16ft Pop Top Cover (Suits 4.3 - 4.8m)

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Quality Construction

Experience ultimate protection for your van with our premium RV covers. We use two different high-quality fabrics - one for the roof panel and one for the side panels - to ensure your caravan stays safe in harsh weather conditions. Our durable and water-resistant roof material has UV 50+ protection, while the breathable side panels prevent moisture buildup and potential damage. Trust in our sophisticated and exclusive design to protect your valuable RV.

All of the new Camec range of caravan covers include double stitched reinforced corners as well as a heavy duty skirt with dual nylon straps and clips providing a strong guard and secure fit.

Protection from the Elements

When not in use, your caravan is subjected to a variety of harmful elements such as UV rays, dust, tree sap, and even acid rain. Protecting your van from these elements will prevent excessive wear and tear and prolong its lifespan.

Correct Fitting

 To determine the right size cover, you must measure the entire length of the exterior of the caravan, excluding the rear bumper and wheel. A snug fit to the caravan body is ideal. It is not advisable to cover the spare wheel, gas bottles, or front storage box as this may cause excessive flapping and rubbing. The presence of a rooftop air conditioner does not affect the fit, as the walls can be adjusted accordingly. Note that the front is sloped like modern caravans, so alternate shapes may not be suitable.

Fitting the cover to your van is easiest with help from another person but not an impossible job for 1. If you have a tall caravan you may need a ladder or pole to help you get the cover up and over. Starting at the rear, raise the cover over the van and slowly make your way to the front. Once the cover is in place, use the provided nylon straps to secure the cover with a nice taught fit.

Key Features
  • 300D water resistant and UV 50+ roof panel
  • Breathable, weather resistant side panels
  • Reinforced double stitched corners for durability
  • Ventilation flaps prevent moisture build up
  • Lightweight and easy to fit
  • Non-abrasive lining
  • Heavy duty reinforced skirt
  • Elasticised front and rear hem
  • Reinforced eyelets and nylon straps for secure fitting
  • Zippered side panel allows access to van
  • 3 year warranty.