Coast T10 6 LED 12V Replacement Globe (Cool White)

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    Lighten up your van with the latest LED low wattage replacement bulbs. Used to replace reading light bulb, it has 6x super bright LED's and a luminous flux of 105 lumens. Operating on 12V DC, it is the equivalent to a 13.5W T10 halogen bulb.


    • 6 Super bright LED's

    • Lighting colour: cool white

    • Luminous flux: 105 lumens

    • Lighting angle: 120 degrees

    • Operating voltage: 12V DC


    • Power consumption: 0.1A, 1.35W

    • Equivalent to a 13.5W T10 halogen bulb

    • Provides direct illumination

    • More durable compared to halogen bulbs

    • Vibration-proof design

    • Long life energy efficient

    • Weight: 3g

    • Length: 37mm (including contacts)

    • Width: 13mm