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    Dometic (Electrolux) RM2350RB absorption refrigerator offers you the opportunity to choose your energy source between battery and mains power or gas operation. And it does so completely noiselessly - with no motor hum to disturb your sleep.

    These are designed to be built into the Caravan or Motorhome and come fitted with right hand hinges. A reversing hinge kit is included, however they are also available at minimal cost as a separate item. The door infill is not provided but will accept a piece of laminate or 3 ply to suit your decor.



    Thermostatic control on mains operation
    Interior light
    Anti-burst double door lock
    Automatic flame failure safety device - shuts off the gas if the flame is extinguished
    3 year warranty.
    Operates on: 12V / 240V / Gas
    Energy Source Selection: Manual (MES)
    Overall Capacity: 90L
    Freezer Capacity: 11L
    Cut-out Required (mm): 521(w) x 756(h) x 542(d)
    Hinge: Right (hinge reversal kit included)