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    Danielle H.

    Great product

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    The Fold Away Antenna is All Australian Designed and Built for better TV reception. Created Aussie tough for the Aussie environment, proudly built with our own hands here on Little Mountain in the Sunshine Coast of Australia. The new Fold Away is designed to pick up horizontal and vertical polarized transmission of both analog and digital television signals.

    For Caravans, Pop Top Caravans, Hiace-Coaster Motor Homes, Slide on Campers, Trucks, Utes.

    Compact and ready to plug in, VHF/FM/UHF. The Foldaway Antenna comes with cable and brackets ready to mount on the outside of RV. Cable ends with co-axial fitting. This is very compact antenna that folds up quickly to fit in the supplied carry tube.

    This antenna has been available for a number of years (1989) and has been recently upgraded to be Digital Compatible.

    Coaxial cable measures 5.8m approximately. This measurement was taken from the end of the BNC connector to the bottom of the PCV tube where it enters at the base.

    Parts included in kit;

      • Foldaway Antenna with 5.8m (Approx.) of Coax Cable

    • Mounting System
      • Push-On co-axial fitting at end of cable.

      • Digital Compatible.

      • 3m cable

      • Main mast height 1.5m