Fridge Switch - Auto Cut Off When You Stop Driving

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    The easy to install Fridge Switch detects when you stop driving and automatically turns your fridge off to avoid flattening your car battery.

    Fridge Switch has an in-built electronic movement and vibration sensor which switches the 12 volt circuit of the caravans 3 way fridge on when the vehicle is moving and turns the fridge off when the vehicle stops.

    The Fridge Switch also has a timing delay circuit to prevent fridge from turning off while you are stopped at traffic lights.

    • Easy installation in under 15 minutes

    • Stops car battery being drained when car is not running

    • 1 year warranty.

    • Model: FS1 RV Electroincs, 700-03000 Coast to Coast, 003335 CAMEC

    • Dimensions: (L)100mm x (W)52mm x (H)30mm

    • Shipping Weight: 110 grams.

    • Shipping Dimensions: 4 cm x 11 cm x 17 cm.