HB Fuller FulaSeal 700 Roof and Gutter Silicon (Black)

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    FulaSeal™ 700 Roof & Gutter Silicone Sealant is a neutral cure sealant that does not corrode materials commonly used in roofing construction. FulaSeal™ 700 Roof & Gutter is ideal for sealing and weatherproofing any part of your caravan.

    • For use in contact with potable (drinking) water (AS4020)

    • Permanently flexible; ±25% joint movement capability

    • Suitable for use with aluminium, galvanised, zinc and Colorbond roofing materials.

    • Neutral cure – will not corrode metal or concrete

    • Waterproof, UV and weather resistant

    • Sealing metal wall cladding


    • 300g Cartiridge