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    Constructed from stainless steel and fitted with an anti-tamper alarm this heavy duty trailer lock will suit most styles of trailers. The Smart Lock alarm system is triggered by movement and activates a 120dB siren which sounds for 10 seconds before resetting. Designed to be used on a variety of trailer types it will suit 50mm ball hitches, Off Road DO35 and Treg-style block hitches.

    Trailer Coupling Locks are the preferred option for most people when it comes caravan security accessories, they are quick and easy to use and far less bulky than carrying a wheel clamp. Another advantage over a wheel clamp is that they are not limited for use to trailers with the same size wheels.

    There are many different Coupling Locks for sale in the Australian market, and while the general principles are the same there can be a big difference in price and quality. A basic tow ball lock is great for your box trailer but its probably worth investing more to protect a larger asset like your caravan.

    The 120dB anti-tamper alarm is piercing and loud enough to deter any smart would be criminal. It provides great for peace of mind, as you will definitely be aware if your caravan has some unwanted attention


    • Anti-Impact and Drill Resistant
    • Weatherproof Electronics (IP67)
    • Removable Ball to Fit a Wide Range of Hitches - (H 100mm x W 155mm x D 35mm - Inside W 80mm)
    • Built-in Loud Alarm - Sounds at 120dB
    • Long Life 3V Lithium Battery Included
    • Double Locking Pin System