Logi 15mm Tempering Valve

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    TV15 1/2 Male Tempering Valve are used in the process of mixing hot and cold water to deliver tempered water at a continuous temperature throughout a hot water system

    The valve is appropriate for tempering the hot water to supply outlets used for personal hygiene purposes where the outlet temperature must not exceed the maximum of 50 Degrees


    • Blends hot and cold water to create a mixed flow that wont scald or chill

    • Cold Water Supply Temperature: 5Ó?C – 30Ó?C

    • Hot Water Supply Temperature: 60Ó?C – 90Ó?C

    • Set Temperature: 50Ó?C standard (must be commissioned onsite by installer)

    • Accuracy of Outlet Temperature: +/- 3Ó?C (as per AS4032.2)

    • Maximum Working Pressure (Static): 1400Kpa

    • Maximum Working Pressure (Dynamic): 500Kpa

    • Minimum Flow Rate: 3.6L/min under outlet pressure 10Kpa