Narva Amber Reflectors 70 x 28mm

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    Self Adhesive

    Narva Reflector 70mmx28mm Amber Self Adhesive 84036BL

    This NARVA Reflector attaches effortlessly to the rear of your vehicle or trailer to ensure you're always visible to other drivers in low-light conditions.

    - Reflectors available in both self-adhesive and screw-on varieties
    - High quality interior and exterior lamps combine effective fluorescent lighting with a low profile and switches where applicable
    - Great range of pilot lamps for use with alarms and security systems

    NARVA's general lighting range is perfect for ensuring that your vehicle stays well lit and visible to all other vehicles on the road. Having a well lit vehicle is crucial to the safety of you and everyone else surrounding you, and NARVA provides all the lighting equipment to ensure this, including reflectors, pilot lamps, interior lamps and clearance lamps. All of these lighting products come with ADR approvals and are certified to meet Australian standards, meaning you can be sure that you're buying a product guaranteed to do it's job properly. Buy Australian and buy the best with NARVA lighting products.


    Narva Self Adhesive Reflectors