RV LCD Dual Gauge Water Level Indicator

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    These new technology gauges have a coloured LCD analogue display with LED backlighting for crystal clear viewing. These gauges only draw 50 mA so they can be left on without flattening your on-board battery.There is a power on/off switch to turn the gauge off when the caravan is not in use.

    • Monitors two tanks, either metal or plastic

    • Constant display of levels wihout needing to press a button

    • On/Off switch when caravan is not being used.


    This display features two coloured LCD water tank gauges. The dual gauges require two of the RV Tank sender probes to operate. The tank-senders are available in three different wire lengths.
    These run from your on board battery or 12v transformer, but use only 50 mA so the current draw is almost nil. You'll never need to change a battery in this style and the gauge is usually left on, except when your caravan or motorhome is in storage.


    Monitors two water tanks, either metal or plastic
    Five levels are indicated on display
    Constant display of levels without needing to press a button
    On/Off switch when caravan is not being used
    1 year warranty.
    Model: LCD0196W RV Electroincs
    Brand: RV Electronics
    Size: 108mm x 108mm, From 10 to 20mm thick
    12V connection and tank plug entry at rear requires a cutout 50mm wide x 20mm high
    Colour of needle changes to red and flashes at the lowest (RES) level.
    Two water tank gauges
    Shipping Weight: 170 grams.
    Shipping Dimensions: 4 cm x 15 cm x 23 cm.