Supex Deluxe Caravan Starter Pack

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    Caravanning is a pastime that has a never ending list of essential accessories, bits, bobs and etc. You will save a packet with this Caravan Deluxe Kit while getting well equipped. It contains essentials items such as hoses, chocks, levelling ramps, storage bags, and electrical leads. It comes in its own very handy reusable bag. A perfect gift for all caravan enthusiasts. Grab yours today!

    1 x 10mm coil drinking water hose with fittings
    1 x Tap nut adaptor
    1 x 10m coil Sullage Hose 25mm
    1 x 10m 15 amp caravan lead
    1 x Small hose bag
    1 x Large hose bag
    1 x Electrical lead bag
    1 x Levelling ramp set
    1 x T Level