15amp IP44 Power Inlet with Waterproof Lid (Black) - Transco

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    Transco 15amp IP44 Power Inlet with Weatherproof lid in black. Installed externally so you can run power to your van via 15amp extension cable.

    You cannot buy replacement lids for the Transco Inlet/Outlet range.


    Brand Transco
    Category Explorer
    Name Recreational vehicle power inlet 15a
    Model IL10, IL15, IL10/B, IL15/B
    Power current A.C.
    Volt 240V
    Frequency range 50Hz
    Cover Complete housing
    Mounting method Recess mounted
    Type of fastening Mounting with screw
    Mounting centre 70mmx54mm
    Material of cover/body Impact-resistant polycarbonate
    Color Electrical white, black
    Pin 3 pins (active, neutral, earth)
    Earth pin Flat
    Size W80mmxL110mmxD52mm
    Connector Screwing copper ferrule