Truma Aventa Comfort Caravan Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner *ONLINE ONLY*

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    The new Truma Aventa Comfort Reverse Cycle Caravan Air Conditioner is quite powerful with a surprisingly slim and attractive plenum.

    Product Description

    The  Truma Aventa offers 1700watts of heating power and a powerful 2400watts of cooling capability. Its energy saving heat pump ensures a comfortable temperature inside your caravan or RV (provided the outside temperature is greater than 40C), and it provides dehumidified, cleaned air thanks to its air filter system.

    When it comes to cooling, the Truma Aventa cools the inside of your caravan or RV quickly and quietly. Its flexible air distribution system allows you to direct the air where it is mostly needed, thus cooling efficicently. It even has a sleep mode function, if this is selected, the evaporator and condensor fans will run slower, resulting in even quieter operation for a restful sleep.

    The plenum has LED lighting which can be dimmed if ambience is required.

    It is suitable for caravans or RV’s up to 6.5mt in external length and comes with a remote control with a programmable timer function.

    Dometic offers a 2 year warranty on the Truma Aventa Comfort.


    Electrical Rating (single phase): 240V, 50Hz
    Nominal Cooling Capacity: 2.4Kw
    Nominal Heating Capacity: 1.7Kw
    Max Rated Current - Cooling: 4.2A
    Max Rated Current - Heating: 3.7A
    Max Air Delivery: 400m3/hour
    Roof Opening (mm): 400 x 400
    Installed Weight: 33Kg
    Dimensions (mm): 248H x 523W x 1008L
    Air Dimensions (mm): 46H x 670W x 523L